Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Decision.

To run or not to run....
That is the question these days.
I made a pact with myself that by today (two days before the race) I would either be running with no pain, or fore go the race.
Well, I went out for a 5 miler this morning. By mile 1.5, my knees were hurting so bad, that I was forced to powerwalk the rest of my "run."
After weeks of taking it easy (no runs), foam rolling, stretching and ultrasound treatments, my it band has healed itself enough for walking, but not for running.
My powerwalking pace isn't much slower than my run/walk pace. But, I've been training to run this marathon, not walk it. Totally different leg muscles would be used/needed that I haven't prepared them for. But, I do have lots and lots of miles logged in my training book.
So, could I complete the marathon at this point? Yes.
Would I be risking several other running/walking related injuries and a longer recovery time for my it bands? Definitely.
Is it worth being injured for several weeks (or months) and have to hobble around while chasing a very active toddler? No.
Is my running partner, Veronica, a wonderful friend who fully supports my decision not to race and is looking out for my best interest/health? YES!
Silver Lining: I haven't registered yet. So instead of spending the $100+ on the race registration, I'll use it to go shopping at the Race Expo.
Since I won't be inflicting more injury to my legs, I'll be able to participate in some upcoming, shorter races.
Thanks for every one's support and ideas/suggestions for injured it bands. But, in the end, it's like everyone said, they are painful when injured and take a LONG time to heal.
Oh well, there's always next year.....

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