Monday, February 9, 2009

19 Months Old Today!!!

Sorry for the late-day post, but I'm sharing a computer with my husband, Will, and he's taking more online courses to finish his degree. So, I guess his schoolwork has to come before blogging....

Anyway, our little sunshine turned 19 months old today! Even though he's entered into the "terrible two's" early it seems, he still lights up our life in a way that only he could!
I love being his mommy and sharing our life with him. I would say that he is learning a lot of new things, but mostly, it seems that I am learning more and more about him.
He doesn't have very many words yet, but he can communicate whenever, however he needs to. He can point to most of the major body parts (head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, toes) and he can say the words, or a version of "outside, oatmeal, juice, shoes, bye-bye, Abby, Yes, No, Please, and Thank You". When he gets really excited about something he exclaims, "Oh Coooooollllllll!" When his favorite show comes on, Little Einsteins, he can do all of the motions to the intro song and gets very excited whenever I mention "a mission" or "rocket."
His new favorite songs, complete with motions are Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Row Row Row your Boat.

Classical music is still his favorite music to listen to, although he dances whenever I turn on "our" music on the radio. But, he dances whenever I run the vacuum cleaner, so go figure. We've started listening to NPR in the car during their Everything Classical series and he claps after pieces that he knows. Most recently, it was Barber of Seville by Rossini. I'm so proud of my little Renaissance Man.

And, he can still be quite the trouble-maker. This happened exactly 5 minutes before we had to walk out the door for school this morning. He got into the extra trash bags and decided to spread them out across his bedroom. He found it very delightful to toss the bags around in the air!

He still has his love of all things with wheels- trains, trucks, tractors, etc. His little legs are finally long enough to push himself around on this Thomas the Train toy that I bought him over a year ago. It's good to know that some things last!
Two good things that still last are his healthy appetite and his good sleeping habits. He doesn't sleep as long as he should while at preschool, but he still gets a solid 12 hours at night and at least 2 hours of napping a day on the weekends. Good boy!

I could keep writing about all the cute, new things he is doing around the house and how much we see him growing and learning each day. But, it's getting late and I don't want to bore you too much more!
Hope all is well out there in Bloggy Land!

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  1. Kalani - He is precious and I love reading about all your little adventures together! Happy 19 months!