Friday, December 28, 2007

Naptime No-No

Earlier today, I could hear James "talking" in his room when he was supposed to be napping. I walked in to see what he was up to. He had removed the bumper pad from the slats and was between the bumper and the rails (how did they get untied??) With all of the bumper controversy these days, I tried not using it for a while, but he spent more time throwing out the pacifier and looking out through the slats to see what was going on in the room instead of sleeping. So, I put it back on the crib, but I can see that he's found yet another way to stay occupied instead of napping! James: This tag is the most interesting thing I've ever seen! This is waayyy cooler than taking a nap! James: Uh-oh! Busted!
James: I bet if I just keep smiling, she won't get mad and make me go to sleep!
James: I know, I'll do my tongue trick! That always makes her laugh and smile! Mom's are soo easy to impress!

Christmas Day (late)

Sorry for the late posting of Christmas Day pics. There weren't that many taken (we took more video, but I haven't mastered the video part of blogging yet!) Besides, it was mainly just the three of us for Christmas, so holding the camera wasn't our top priority. (Although, Santa did give me a very nice new digital camera!) We spent Christmas Eve with close friends "family" and then again for a Christmas day brunch. Overall, it was a nice, low key holiday made special by our time together with friends (family will be coming in January, so we get to space it out a bit!)
James got some Christmas day jumping in with his favorite Jumparoo! I have to find out how to upload video of him in this thing because he LOVES jumping as high as he can- NO FEAR!!!
You can see poor Abby in the background making herself look as pitiful and lonely as possible. Our animals are so deprived!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lunch Date with the Ladies

On Friday, we joined "aunt" Veronica and our friend Alex (with her baby EmmaLyn) for lunch at Cheesecake Factory. It was a beautiful, warm December afternoon, so we were lucky enough to get a table outside.
Here are our friends Alex and Emma. Emma is just a few months younger than James, but I'm sure they will be great playmates once they get older! Unfortunately, Emma had some tummy trouble and was not a happy camper during lunch. Poor baby!
When Emma was crying, James was very concerned about her happiness. He was watching intently just in case there was something he could do to make her happy!
James really enjoyed reading the menu with his Aunt Veronica.
Ahhh, decisions, decisions. What to eat? What to eat?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's Celebrate!

What are we celebrating? Well, I am thankful for many things right now. I'm thankful for my health, the health of my son, my devoted and supportive husband and for my time at home with James. But, what am I MOST thankful for today you may be wondering........
Drum roll, please.....
Last night was the FIRST time that James slept through the entire night!!!! He went down like clockwork at 6:00 and did not make a peep until 5:30 this morning! Usually, he makes a stir and fusses about 2-3 times a night until I go soothe him back to sleep. A month ago, I cut out one of our night-nursing sessions, so we were down to only one night feeding. A few days ago, I stopped all night-nursings, but he was still waking up and crying. But, I guess his stomach got the message that the "kitchen" was closed during sleeping hours, so he didn't even bother waking up! I guess it wasn't worth it if he wasn't being offered the breast (typical male!)
How did we celebrate mommy's full night of sleep? With a 3-mile jog along the bay on base. They have a rubberized track that runs along the shore. The view of the sun rising over the water is just beautiful!

James needed some carb-loading after our jog, so I fed him some oatmeal with banana in it (his favorite!
He's such a happy camper after his meals (again, typical male!) As for him sleeping through the night, I'm not delusional-enough to think that it may last. Last night could have been just a fluke, but it was such a nice, beautiful, sweet fluke!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picture with Santa!

Yes, it's that time of year when parents dress up their children in ridiculous outfits and drag them to the mall to have their photo taken with a strange man with wild, white hair- Christmas!!! We were hoping for a more traditional looking Santa (with the big red coat on.) But, instead, we got psychedelic/woodstock Santa. That's what we get for living in Florida (temp was 82 degrees today!) Luckily, James is too young to be frightened of strangers or even know what a stranger is. So, we got a nice, big smile. I'm sure next year he will be screaming in terror, but this year there was no fear. He was too busy flirting with Santa's wife (she was the one holding the camera!) Either way, I think it's the cutest Santa-picture ever! But, I may be just a tad bit biased.......

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Five Months Old!!!

Yes, even after our long weekend (I know it's only two days of traveling, but with a baby who doesn't like sitting in his carseat, it SEEMS like much longer!) we still HAD to get the monthly picture with his age. He didn't feel like sitting up and posing for the camera after riding in the car all day (see earlier post of him flipping me off from the carseat!). So, I just let him pose "au natural" after his bath.
At least I still got his picture taken with the sign before he dozed off for the evening. It was a long day and a busy weekend, but very much worth it. Happy Five Months Old James! BTW, I "stole" this idea from my friend Courtney who regularly posts pictures of her handsome little boy Hugh! Thanks Court!

Trip to Ft. Lauderdale

This weekend, we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate Tori and Sierra's One Year Old Birthday! The girls were very generous (as always) and passed along one of their toys to James (since they are walking around, they don't have much use for the Exersaucer.)

Of course, they had to show him how to use each station. And, Tori inspected the bottom of the Exersaucer for any major defects! How considerate of her!
Yep Dad, it's all clear! This toy is in perfect working condition!

Finally, it was time for us to make the long drive back home. I had to take this picture of James multitasking (chewing on his fingers, picking his nose AND flipping me off all in one gesture!) He's brilliant!
Ahhh, finally some rest after a long day! Here are my two favorite guys lounging in bed. What a sight!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

4 Month Portrait

Here is his 4-month portrait taken at the ever-so-popular and affordable JC Penny's studio! Does anyone else see the "Charlie Brown" connection that I do? Will says I'm crazy, but I look at James and see Charlie Brown! A very cute one, mind you, but CB nonetheless!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Thanksgiving

Here's my favorite, little (big) Thanksgiving turkey! We spent the day over at Tom and Veronica's (extended family) and James got his first large dose of football-watching. In honor of all the good food we were getting ready to dive into, I gave James sweet potatoes for his first vegetable. Of course, he loved them. And, being a new mom (clueless) I paired his yummy sweet potato dish with a side of prunes (his fav fruit.) Let's just say that the next morning, it was a 4-alarm diaper fiasco! Oh well, live and learn.

As the adults went around the table and said what we were thankful for, James was dutifully listening from his Jumparoo. We are so fortunate to have so much in our lives and so much love in it. I couldn't help but remember how it was this time last year that we were going around and announcing our pregnancy. My, what a difference a year makes! James has become the sole, center of our universe and I couldn't imagine my life without him (never said that before!) Amazing what a BIG difference such a little person can make.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The GodParents

On Saturday, we celebrated Tom's birthday (one of James' godparents) and watched the Michigan/Ohio State football game. Other than the game, it was a great time for everyone. James LOVED the extra attention from everyone at the party. We even found time for some special photos with his godparents.

The two proud godmoms had a very enlightening discussion (I enjoyed it!) about James' future education goals and tatoo plans. One is purely FOR tatoos and the other purely AGAINST them, I'll let you decide which is which! Sad thing is, his DAD will never let him get one anyway, so it's a moot point! Oh wait, he did say that when James' turns 30, we can discuss it! Poor kid!

1st Trip to the Aquarium

Last week, James and I joined a couple of our new friends at the Tampa aquarium. Even for the youngest of eyes, there are many sights and sharks to look at!
James and Benjamin enjoyed watching the shark tank from their strolllers, but Miss Fiona was not too happy about the close encounters!

Being "ever-ready" for the camera, I was all smiles and ready for the flash. James, however, was still mesmerized by the fish and the sunlight filtering through the water. I see a family pass to the aquarium in my bank statement's future!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Four Months Old!!!

Today James is four months old!
Here are his stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz 75%
Height: 25 1/4 inches 65%
Head Cir: 16 1/2 50%

Notice his open mouth? It's how he spends most of his day.

How sweet!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Not much here to report. Will left on Sunday for Fort Bragg (work trip) so that makes me a "single mom" for the week. James was enjoying some tummy time when I started flashing away with the camera (bored mom.)
He was willing to smile and play along for a while.

Then, he obviously changed his mind! Oh, it's so hard being the only child to be doted on all day! Actually, he was just ready to be fed. But, I'm always wanting just one more picture. I'll learn my lesson one of these days..... maybe.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween '07

Here's me and my favorite "lil' pumpkin" by the fountain.

We met up with some other new moms from my New Mommy Group. As you can see, pumpkins and bees were quite popular this year! There were cameras everywhere, but I'm not sure if any of us were looking at the same place at the same time, ever!

I know James is thinking: Thanks mom. I am SO going to regret this outfit one day!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pick of the Patch!

It is our Halloween tradition to dress up the girls (Misha and Abby) and take their picture. So, it was only natural to include James in this year's fun! Although, he didn't have much "fun" with it! By now, the girls are trained to just sit there and wait for the torture to end. The sooner they cooperate, the sooner it's over. James, however, still needs some "training".
Abby: Please, mom! The outfit is bad enough, but now you want us to sit by the screaming kid! I better get TWO doggie biscuits for this one!
James: Mom! It's too hot to wear a thick pumpkin outfit in 85 degree weather!
Misha: Can I go pee now?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Family Vacation

Will and I decided that it was time we took our first family vacation! We flew to the mountains of North Carolina and spent a long weekend with our good friends, Jenny and Eric and their twin 10-month old girls, Sierra and Tori. The cabin was beautiful, the views were breathtaking and the company was wonderful! We had such a great weekend that we promised to make this trip a yearly tradition!

James, Sierra and Tori

James: Hey cutie! How you doin?

James: What?!? There are TWO of you? This is going to be harder than I thought! Sierra: Yawn! You are boring me now. I'm looking for an older man. Tori: Hi there! I'll be your friend!

Here are the proud mommies with our babies!

Another Trip to the Mountains

Here we are relaxing on the porch in one of the rocking chairs.

We took a day trip and drove over to Chimney Rock. What a beautiful day and beautiful views! There were six adults and four infants and we CHOSE to walk up the gazillion steps to the top of the mountain. Don't let this picture fool you, James was strapped to Will during the walk up!
Mom and Dad sharing a sweet moment outside the cabin. At this age, James is oblivious!
This is Jenny and me at the top of Chimney Rock. Did I mention that it was HER idea for everyone to hike to the top? She's carrying one of her twins, either Sierra or Tori. I still can't tell them apart!
Living in Tampa (which is pretty much a glorified sand-bar) doesn't prepare you for this kind of elevation. Boy, it was high up there!
Hold on James!