Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Trip to the Mountains

Here we are relaxing on the porch in one of the rocking chairs.

We took a day trip and drove over to Chimney Rock. What a beautiful day and beautiful views! There were six adults and four infants and we CHOSE to walk up the gazillion steps to the top of the mountain. Don't let this picture fool you, James was strapped to Will during the walk up!
Mom and Dad sharing a sweet moment outside the cabin. At this age, James is oblivious!
This is Jenny and me at the top of Chimney Rock. Did I mention that it was HER idea for everyone to hike to the top? She's carrying one of her twins, either Sierra or Tori. I still can't tell them apart!
Living in Tampa (which is pretty much a glorified sand-bar) doesn't prepare you for this kind of elevation. Boy, it was high up there!
Hold on James!

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