Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Three Months Old!!!

James: So, I just sit here and then what???
James: Wow! Make it light up AGAIN !!!
James: Okay, I get it now. I bang on this thing and the whole thing lights up and plays music for me. Pretty cool mom! Now, you can go cook dinner and I'll be happy playing (for about 10 minutes!)
My little man is THREE months old today. We have had such a great month and he has grown so much. He still loves to nurse and I have become quite adept at breastfeeding in public now. I love our "conversations" in the morning, when he is most vocal. His little eyes tell me that he has so much to say, but his vocal cords just haven't caught up yet. I'm sure they will in no time! Other than that, we have settled into our routine and he seems to be thriving. As long as I make sure he gets his naps in, he is a happy camper. But, not enough sleep and he becomes Angry! (pretty much like his dad!) He is pretty much done with the swing and the bouncy seat, so I went out and bought him a Jumperoo. He'd rather be "standing" or held sitting up anyway, so this let's him do it on his own and he loves it! Quite the active little boy already!

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