Friday, October 12, 2007

First Day at Daycare

Yes, his first day of daycare at the gym. Okay, so it's not considered "real" daycare, but I still had to leave him with total strangers! I wasn't too keen on leaving him there at first, but what else is a mom who still can't fit into her pre-prego pants supposed to do? Joining a gym wasn't my first choice, mind you. I signed up to take one of those Stroller Fit classes, where you get a workout in with your baby in his stroller. I thought, "this sounds great! I can meet other mommies, spend time interacting with James and get a great workout in!"
Well, it was a good workout and I did meet some nice women, but I don't think these classes are for me. First of all, we meet at the mall before they open (but there are still tons of people there walking arounnd and opening stores, etc.) Then, you sing these kiddie songs to your child while doing the exercises. Now, I'm all about interacting with my son and singing to him, but I just didn't feel comfortable singing "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" while doing jumping jacks or lifting resistance bands. Then, we had to frog hop all the way down on end of the mall towards our strollers. James is looking at me like I'm crazy and I felt ridiculous! Let's just say that he's used to our mall-time being spent a little differently. So, that was when I decided that joining a gym would be my best bet. Now, James is subjected to my show-tune renditions of "This is how we Wash our Face", "Change that Dirty Diaper, White Boy" and my alltime favorite, "Let's Go Drain the Boobies!"

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