Sunday, December 9, 2007

Five Months Old!!!

Yes, even after our long weekend (I know it's only two days of traveling, but with a baby who doesn't like sitting in his carseat, it SEEMS like much longer!) we still HAD to get the monthly picture with his age. He didn't feel like sitting up and posing for the camera after riding in the car all day (see earlier post of him flipping me off from the carseat!). So, I just let him pose "au natural" after his bath.
At least I still got his picture taken with the sign before he dozed off for the evening. It was a long day and a busy weekend, but very much worth it. Happy Five Months Old James! BTW, I "stole" this idea from my friend Courtney who regularly posts pictures of her handsome little boy Hugh! Thanks Court!

1 comment:

  1. I actually stole it from another friend, so I'm glad you are doing it too! I bet James will love the exercauser!