Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day (late)

Sorry for the late posting of Christmas Day pics. There weren't that many taken (we took more video, but I haven't mastered the video part of blogging yet!) Besides, it was mainly just the three of us for Christmas, so holding the camera wasn't our top priority. (Although, Santa did give me a very nice new digital camera!) We spent Christmas Eve with close friends "family" and then again for a Christmas day brunch. Overall, it was a nice, low key holiday made special by our time together with friends (family will be coming in January, so we get to space it out a bit!)
James got some Christmas day jumping in with his favorite Jumparoo! I have to find out how to upload video of him in this thing because he LOVES jumping as high as he can- NO FEAR!!!
You can see poor Abby in the background making herself look as pitiful and lonely as possible. Our animals are so deprived!

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