Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's Celebrate!

What are we celebrating? Well, I am thankful for many things right now. I'm thankful for my health, the health of my son, my devoted and supportive husband and for my time at home with James. But, what am I MOST thankful for today you may be wondering........
Drum roll, please.....
Last night was the FIRST time that James slept through the entire night!!!! He went down like clockwork at 6:00 and did not make a peep until 5:30 this morning! Usually, he makes a stir and fusses about 2-3 times a night until I go soothe him back to sleep. A month ago, I cut out one of our night-nursing sessions, so we were down to only one night feeding. A few days ago, I stopped all night-nursings, but he was still waking up and crying. But, I guess his stomach got the message that the "kitchen" was closed during sleeping hours, so he didn't even bother waking up! I guess it wasn't worth it if he wasn't being offered the breast (typical male!)
How did we celebrate mommy's full night of sleep? With a 3-mile jog along the bay on base. They have a rubberized track that runs along the shore. The view of the sun rising over the water is just beautiful!

James needed some carb-loading after our jog, so I fed him some oatmeal with banana in it (his favorite!
He's such a happy camper after his meals (again, typical male!) As for him sleeping through the night, I'm not delusional-enough to think that it may last. Last night could have been just a fluke, but it was such a nice, beautiful, sweet fluke!

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  1. Congratulations! That is such an exciting milestone!