Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day Off for Diarrhea

Sorry for the crudeness of the title, but that pretty much explains my day off today!
Yesterday, I got a call from James' preschool around noon telling me that he's had two blowouts that morning and that I should come get him. No fever, he's eating fine, playing fine, acting fine, but since they can't explain the explosive poo, I had to come get him. I left work (school) immediately and by the time I arrived at his school, he had had another blowout. Poor kid.
Never mind the fact that I had an interview for a new teaching position at 2:00 that afternoon and that Will is out of town! What great timing my little boy has!
Luckily, my friend Rebecca graciously offered to watch James for me. I dropped James off in time to make it to my interview (which went very well!) and James had a great time playing with Rebecca's son, Donovan. No more blowouts for the rest of the day.
I'm thinking that sharing my grownup cereal (Total) with James wasn't such a good idea yesterday morning. I guess there is a reason you shouldn't let kids eat bran!
And, his school said that since he was sent home with diarrhea, he had to stay home for 24 hours. Hence, our day off today!
Here's my agenda:
-Drop the girls (our dogs, Abby and Misha) off at the groomers.
-Go by the bank to deposit check.
-Go to Publix for some odds and ends.
-Go to the gym for some cross-training.
-Bring James home for lunch and naptime.
-Vacuum and mop floors while James is napping.
-After naptime, drive out to Brandon to visit with a friend.
- Pick up the girls from the groomers!
-Get the guest room ready for my mom's arrival tomorrow!

Don't you just love days off?

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