Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Highs and Lows

High: Going out Friday night with our friends Amy and Mark to celebrate her birthday.We went to these really trendy restaurant/bars along Howard Ave in SoHo and just enjoyed being a part of adult society for a while.
Low: The hangover that followed.

High: Getting two very cute, romantic cards and flowers from my hubby on VD.
Low: Telling him that I didn't get him anything.
High: Running the Sarasota 1/2 marathon sunday morning.
The sky was overcast and the weather was mild. The view running across the bridge and by the water was just breathtaking (either the view or running 13 miles!)
Low: Having MORE knee pain (it band issues) and having to walk after mile 9.
The reality hit me that I might not be able to complete the Gasparilla marathon in two weeks. My IT band issues are not getting better. I have two weeks of taper (runs with less mileage). But, after discussing my problems with a trainer at the gym and my Primary Care Physician (his background is in Sports Medicine), I'm going to refrain from anymore running and focus on healing/stretching/strengthening/icing my it band.
Cross your fingers that it works!

Here is a classical James moment from earlier today. I gave him a cookie after dinner and instead of drinking from his sippy cup, he decided to follow Abby's lead for a sip of water. Yes, I'm so proud....

"Slurp, slurp. Boy, this is some good water."
"So, come here often?"

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  1. Oh Kalani, I hate to hear that news about your knees! Such a heartbreaker! Hope all the rehab works. If you decide to see a physical therapist, ask for the stem patches. They did wonders for my knee issues.