Sunday, March 8, 2009

76 Years in the Making....

My dad is in town visiting for a couple of weeks. For his birthday, we decided it would be lots of fun to snorkel with the manatees in Crystal River. The water is a constant 72 degrees (burrr!) but the adventure was worth it!
We came up on a calf (baby manatee) and she wanted to play, play, play! She loved the attention from everyone and was NOT camera shy. I used our new underwater housing unit and my own Stylus 770 digital camera to capture all of these photos. I titled this post "76 Years in the Making" because this was the first time my dad has ever put on a wetsuit. After all of his years swimming and surfing in the ocean, he's never worn one. So, today was a day of firsts! Dad felt right at home in the water and absolutely LOVED swimming with the manatee. You'll see him in several photos "posing" with the baby.


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  1. Beautiful Kalani- great looking husband and son. Loved the blog. Jerry loves you all. He is such a friend of mine. Ann