Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy (belated) 20 Month Birthday!!!

At 20 months of age, our little sunshine is all playful and all boy! His vocabulary is slowing increasing every day and his echoing of our words is getting more and more clear. He still would rather point and cry or fuss to get what he wants, but we are still encouraging him to "use your words." He has had a really tough time with teething lately. (still) But, I think the molars have finally all broken through.

His favorite place to play is outside. But, he has found his new/latest love-

Thomas the Train.

Actually, any train will do. I made the mistake of buying the motorized ones for his first set. Let's just say that we are keeping Duracell well financed due to their C batteries.

His favorite meal of the day is breakfast (loves his old-fashioned oatmeal). But, he is a hearty eater during the other meals, too.
He is very familiar with the Time Out Spot. Some days, too familiar.
Our bedtime routine now involves the reading of 4-5 specific books-
Five Little Monkeys
On the Day you were Born
Does a Kangaroo have a Mother, too?
Good Night Moon
Guess How Much I love You

He is such a sweet, fun, curious, independent little person. I love watching him learn something new or adapting to the challenges around him. Although, his independent spirit has led to quite a few power struggles with me. Sadly, he wins most of them. But, I choose to pick my battles.

My friend Amy and I took our kids to the Aquarium for some outdoor/water play the other day. Here are the pics:

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