Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gatlinburg Here We Come!

We got back this week from our annual mountain trip. We choose to vacation at least once a year with our good friends, Jenny and Eric, and their twin girls, Sierra and Tori. So, once again, we all gathered in a roomy cabin in the mountains and enjoyed some wonderfully chilly, fall weather. And, we got to show the kids that leaves DO change color (stupid Florida palm trees!)

James seemed to hit it off with Sierra. She showed him the finer art of coloring. Sadly, he was more interested in eating her crayons than making art. Oh well.

We also got to squeeze in a nice visit from Grandma! When she came over to the cabin, James ran straight to her and gave her the biggest, longest hug ever! He just laid and cuddled with her for a long time, it was just precious!

Here are the three trouble makers on their favorite past time, the stairs. At only 22 months old, these girls are brilliant! They can count to 10, identify the numbers 1-10, identify all the letters of the alphabet and sound out some letters. Truly amazing! James, on the other hand, taught the girls how to make engine noises as you push the cars around. If you've ever seen that old Steve Martin movie, Parenthood, it was like that! We had the boy who runs around the house with the bucket on his head and the girls spent their time politely coloring or reading books.

I found this beautiful trail right at the bottom of the mountain. The grown-ups used it for a running trail in the morning, but the kids liked walking on it, too.

A beautiful sunrise view from my mom's front deck.

On our last night there, there was an Elvis impersonator at the restaurant. After we finished eating, the kids followed the music (through the bar) and found this gleaming man, garnished in rhinestones. James was truly star-struck and would not take his eyes off of him. We found out that James is a HUGE fan of Elvis music as he showed off his fancy footwork for the crowd (leave it to my son to steal the show!) All of the kids had a great time dancing off their dinner and all of the adults had a great time watching! Elvis was even nice enough to give each child their own souvenir teddy bear.
Thank you, thank you very much!

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  1. Looks like a great vacation, and that is a beautiful sunrise photo! Glad you had a good time.