Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Balloon that Won't Quit

After a couple of days of abuse by a toddler, this is what the balloon from the dentist's office looks like. As sad as it looks, James has grown quite fond his little, blue balloon and insists on carrying it around the backyard (it's not allowed inside the house anymore.)

I tried taking it away on Friday and he got close to tears.

On Sunday, he was STILL carrying it around the backyard. Unable to say goodbye....

He has crawled through doggy-doors, climbed up rock walls and stumbled over patches of grass, all while clutching his beloved by a string.

Here he is, showing off his new riding skills. His legs are long enough now to actually move himself while riding Rocket.

Weekend Highs and Lows:

Low: Missing the last dive trip of the season due to finances.

High: Fried okra with dinner on Saturday night.

Low: Only running 3 miles on Saturday morning (slacker)

High: Running a strong 6 miles on Sunday morning and feeling like a champ.

Fav Running song of the day: I Will Survive by Cake

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  1. Your son is so adorable! You look fabulous!

    Sending you warm love

    Imara and Patti