Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happiness is a Water Bottle!

After our trip to the mall this afternoon, James got into his diaper bag and found my bottle of water. As I've mentioned before, I am addicted to Dasani water and have become quite the "water snob." I will drink other types of water if needed, but I really prefer the taste of Dasani.

Anyway, I looked over to see and hear James playing with this bottle of water. He was deliriously happy at rolling the bottle, throwing the bottle and watching it magically "move by itself" as the water sloshed around inside. My video camera was out of battery, so I used my digital camera. It's a little grainy, but the sound works (that's the best part!)

There were so many giggles and loud belly laughs that I couldn't help but watch him in amazment. I love seeing him explore his world and find so much delight in it. Hearing his giggles and glees only made the moment that much more adorable. After at least 5 minutes of playing, I decided to grab the camera and capture his gleeful moments on film. I'm sorry about this being so long, I'm not too savy with the video-editing portion of our computer. I'm sure you won't want to watch all TEN minutes of water-bottle-playfulness, but it sure did keep me entertained! Funny how my sense of entertainment and enjoyment sure has changed over the past year!

So, I guess for his upcoming birthday I should ask for more bottles of water????

Click on this link
to see the video of Happiness is a Water Bottle!!!

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