Monday, June 9, 2008

Eleven Months Old!!!

Our little Sunshine is ELEVEN months old today! What a ball of energy and smiles he is! He is constantly "on the go" and I think that he woke up today and said, "Today, I will start walking." So, all day long he's been taking steps (small, baby steps) and all evening, he would start to crawl, then stop and stand up and try to take a few steps on his own. He was wearing himself out!
Of course, when it came to picture with the sign time, he was Mr. Speedy! Let's see, life at eleven months for James....
He is an excellent eater. The bigger the bites, the better!
He can eat chunks of banana faster than I ever thought possible!
He loves going to playgroups and playing with other kids' toys.
He loves to get "slam-dunked" on the bed and rough-house with us.
Swimming in the pool is always a big hit, even when I throw him up in the air and let him go under a little on the way down.
He still prefers to listen to classical music in the car, Beethoven and Bach preferably. It's the only music he will sit quietly and listen to during the drive.
He has now started to crawl/cruise over to one of us and lay his down on your lap/shoulder when he wants some luvin'. It melts our hearts and we have agreed that he deserves that pony on his eighth birthday and the new car at sixteen.
Yes, we are quite smitten with our little sunshine.
I look forward to his smiling face every morning and
yet I look forward to 7:00 every night (bedtime!)
Happy Eleven Months James!!!

The other outtakes are literally of empty bed space, where he was sitting.


  1. Kalani, James is so handsome and smart, and I'm happy to be able to keep up with him through your blog! I love all the pics, but the one of you two up in the corner is beautiful! Since we're both teachers, I have to say I'm very glad James likes Bach and Beethoven...reminds me of a little third grader I had, also named James, who was ADD, but he focused in on one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. In fact, he began to ask for it in particular ("play #1") EVERY DAY after lunch when it was "Quiet Time." So sweet, and everyone benefitted - our calming down routine eventually included classical requests from several children.

  2. That makes sense! Children LOVE classical music and it's a shame that more parents don't expose them to it (okay, off my soapbox!)
    And, James' love for the music may be explained by the fact that I played it every day in the classroom for my students while I was prego! :)
    So, maybe he's remembering it from the womb? Who knows!

  3. Hey Kalani,

    First, I need to congratulate little James for turning 11 months old! He is a handsome little boy!!!

    I'm just catching up on your blog and I was reading the posts from back in January. I LOVE the play area you set up for James in the livingroom. I guess I have to start thinking about that... I live in a townhouse and we have long and steep stairs. I guess I'm going to have to use the baby gates, but I'd love to do something like you did. Have a good area for Alex to play. He's starting to move all around his crib, and although he still takes 4naps a day, he stays awake longer and needs to be kept busy. Can you tell me where you got those nica gates?