Friday, June 6, 2008

Buyer Beware!!!

Warning: If you feed your baby Gerber's Lil Graduates Biter Biscuits "unsupervised", then THIS may happen to your child!
See photo below.

On Thursday, James and I packed up our things and headed over to Hyde Park for a children's music sing-along with Mr. Richard. James and I enjoyed a picnic lunch with some playdate buddies as we melted in the hot June weather and listened to this old man sing songs about puppy dog kisses and fun in the sun, etc.
Then, we had to go pick up our basket of fresh, local, organic produce from the Purple Carrot Co-op, which I've just recently joined. We got some yummy fruits and veggies for a great price!
So, by that time, it was quickly approaching James' afternoon nap time and he was OVER being strapped into his carseat. Boy, did I hear about it! After passing back everything in his diaper bag that I thought would make him happy, I reached for the "last resort"...... his teething biscuits. It's like a cookie and he does very well with it in his high chair. But, in his carseat, it's a different story!
It did keep him quiet the entire rest of the way home, but this is the face I found when I went to get him out of his carseat! Ahhhh! The cookie was actually crusted onto his face. Of course, he didn't mind, but he did when I attempted to scrape it off of him. So, mommies, think twice before you pass that cookie back to your screaming baby while in the carseat. I know I will (until the next screaming episode!)


  1. Ha - totally been there! I actually switched to Zwieback crackers for that very reason. They seem to be a little less messy, and Hugh still loves them.

  2. Great! I think I've used them before too! Now, I think I'll be going back!