Monday, June 2, 2008

A Day of Firsts

This morning, James decided to impress me by clapping his hands together. While this may not seem like a major milestone to some, I have been waiting for him to clap for a couple of months now. And, all of a sudden, he started clapping (for no apparent reason, other than the dogs wanted to go outside) this morning and he's been clapping his hands all day!
to top it all off, He took his FIRST STEPS today at the Aquarium! Of all places! We joined some friends there for our usual playgroup this afternoon. We let the babies crawl around and play near the large tank as usual. I look over to see James standing all on his own (been doing that for quite some time now), he started clapping (maybe to get our attention) and then he just took a couple of steps forward. No major distance was covered, but it was the first time he's even tried moving his feet without holding onto something.
Here's a picture of the proud mom after his accomplishment!