Monday, April 14, 2008

What a Weekend.....

Let's just say that doggie ownership is NOT all it's cracked up to be.....
I'm working off of about 2 hours sleep here, so bear with me.
Our weekend started off nicely. James and I had a very busy Friday afternoon and he pooped out at 6:20 for the night. So, in honor of Happy Hour, I fixed Will and I some yummy margaritas and we enjoyed a nice dinner together.
Saturday brought lots of work outside around the house for Will and a pool playdate for James and I. I've been wanting to introduce James to our pool for some time now. I had the diaper swimmies, the sunscreen, the infant float and the pool water was nice and warm! We were ready. I invited James' good friend Benjamin (and his mommy Michelle) over for some moral support, since Benjamin is a month older than James and has taken a few swim lessons already.

Well, let me tell you. There is truth to the saying "like a fish to water...."

I held James close to me as we walked down the steps and started getting lower in the water. We did some light splashing and going up and down and around. Then, he really got the hang of it. He wanted to splash in the water (and did.) He let me hold him waayyy out from me and "swim" around in the water. Then, he started gyrating like some spastic dolphin and splashing his arms. Yes, he had a blast! I put him in the infant floater and "drove" him all around the pool, with a big grin on his face the entire time. So, long story short, this boy LOVED the water and I think I know how we will be spending most of our weekends from now on. Daddy stopped doing yardwork for long enough to snap a picture of our first pool adventure (before my battery died.)

After swimming so many laps with his friend Benjamin, it was time for him to leave (both boys were ready for dinner!) Throughout the day, I noticed that our dog, Abby, was getting more and more agitated and that something was just not right with her. I had called the vet earlier in the day, but they had closed for the weekend. She was getting more and more miserable, so after James was fed and bathed, I loaded Abby in the car and made the drive up to the Florida Veterinarian Specialists facility in north Tampa. It was quite the drive on a Saturday evening, but it is the only 24 our emergency vet clinic here and our dear dog needed help.

After numerous tests to rule out other possibilities and two hours of waiting, the doctor told me that Abby is suffering from a UTI (urinary track infection). For those of you who have been plagued with one of these, you know that my heart immediately went out to her and I was so thankful that I brought her in instead of waiting for our local vet to open on Monday. So, they prescribed her antibiotic, gave her a shot of painkiller and we were on our way, minus $332. Ouch!

Sunday, I continued giving her the directed dosages, but she was still really agitated and bothered "down there." Poor baby wasn't happy unless either me or my husband was holding her. Then, Sunday night, I dosed her up again and we hoped for a good night's sleep. Well, she had other plans. I finally decided to try to sleep with her on the couch and keep her soothed. But, at 2:00, neither one of us had gotten any sleep and she was getting more agitated by the minute. So, after a phone call to the emergency vet and a quick change out of my PJ's, I quietly loaded her back in the car and made the trip up to north Tampa. Luckily, at 2:15 in the morning, there was no traffic so I made it in record time!

The doctor confirmed that her skin irritation "down there" had gotten worse, prescribed another shot of painkiller, some new cream to rub on it (how fun for me!) and medicated pads to wipe the area clean. Oh, AND she has to wear a e-collar now (to prevent her from licking the area and causing more skin inflammation). So, two hours and $70 dollars later, we were headed home. I got back into bed at 4:15 and Will's alarm started going off at 5:00. At 6:00, when he got up, he asked "So, how did Abby do last night?" Having no clue that I had left the house for two hours! When I told him about my fun night of no sleep, he promptly gave pity and said that I should have wakened him. But, since I'm the stay-at-home-mom, I felt that he needed his sleep for work. Still, I think he felt a little put out that I didn't ask for his help. But, someone needed to stay home with the baby!

So, let's see, I've had about 2 hours of sleep. Technicians were here at 8:00 am to install a new security system and just left at 2:00, James finally went down for his nap and we have a photo session at JC Penny scheduled for 4:00. Followed by the whole dinnertime/bathtime routine.

So, I'll get some sleep tonight. Hopefully! At least Abby is starting to feel slightly better, but she is not liking this collar one bit!

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