Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crates vs. Cribs

So, as I'm cleaning around the house today and continuing to baby-proof the areas that James finds oh-so interesting,
he goes and finds yet another fun area to explore! The dog crates!
He normally just crawls up to the dog crates, pulls up and starts shaking it (for the fun sound, I'm sure!)
But, today he decided to follow Abby's lead (she was in her crate taking a baby-free nap) and crawl into Misha's crate for nap time!

Of course, I couldn't resist grabbing the camera for this (I'm sure to be repeated) photo opportunity! Good thing that the dog crates are reasonably clean. I wash their pillows/blankets about once a week and clorox the bottom trays for odor/hair control. But still, come on James!
So, with all the baby-proofing going on you are probably wondering, "Why don't you just put the crates up?" But, our dogs use them all the time. Misha still sleeps in her crate every night and Abby crawls into hers when she wants to escape or find her "safe place." He actually started crying/fussing when I pulled him out of it! I guess he likes being in a cage? What on earth does this say about the future of our son?!? Just wait until his dad finds out.....

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