Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A few months in review....

Hello out there in Bloggy-Land! I realize I've been MIA for the past couple of months. I would normally blame my lack of postings on the following:

  • Learning a new job and struggling to get ahead of the power-curve with paperwork. I accepted a position as a EET Peer (teacher) Evaluator. Check out my prof bio here for my street creds.

  • Maintaining a busy social weekend calendar with the best friends and the best neighbors around. No, really. These women are amazing and their hard-working husbands deserve a shout-out too!

  • Managing the household events/chores/duties while Will finishes up his online coursework with University of Phoenix. It literally consumes almost every single waking minute aside from when he's actually at work. So, let's just say I will be very happy once all of his coursework is COMPLETE!

Yeah, I could say all of that, but I'm going to use the "F" word instead. Yep, I blame my lack of blog posting on Facebook, because let's just face it, Facebook is faster to upload photos and you get that instant gratification of posting exactly what you are thinking/doing and get feedback almost immediately. Instant gratification at it's finest. Or worse.... whatever your stance may be.

Anyway, here are some pictures that capture a glimpse of what's been keeping us busy over the past few months. Hope you enjoy......

The first day of school photo. A classic. Except James insisted on doing a "crazy" pose for the first one. Ham!
I finally got a nice smiling, handsome shot of my little sunshine (and his goofy grin). Man, when did he get so big and grown up looking? Sniff. Sniff.

Of course, with the start of school (well, pre-kindergarten) comes homework. When we can get James to sit still and focus, he actually does focus! I just had a conference with his teacher today. She stated that he is very, very booksmart and is ready for kindergarten. But his social skills sometimes get in the way of his listening and focusing.

Hmmmm... wonder where he gets that from?

All work and no play? No way!

I signed James up for soccer and he loves it! Of course, it involves his two favorite activities.... running and kicking things! He's actually pretty good at it and i love watching him practice! He's the kid on the team who doesn't stand back and wait for the play to happen, he runs forward and makes it happen. I LOVE that!

I mentioned earlier that we live amongst some of the best neighbors and best friends around. I feel truly blessed to have every single one of them in my family's life. These are just some of the precious kids that James is friends with. Here they are pre-trick or treating candy-coma.

Here's one of my latest fav pics. Mommy and Buzz Lightyear.

I love you little man.... to infinity and beyond!


  1. Wow!!!!! He has grown so much since we left.. I can't believe he is starting school! Geez time flies.

  2. can't believe how big he has gotten! and so cute! i also love the he goes out for it at soccer. good for him!