Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break 2011


  • presenting my favorite Mira Bay girls with personalized, special-ordered Team Mango t-shirts. Mango... it's not a drink, it's a lifestyle.

  • a community yard sale where I got rid of tons of baby gear. Mama's going shopping!
    celebrating a good friend's birthday with micro-brewed beers at Cold Storage Craft Brewery (awesome, low-key place with awesome brews!)

  • a wine tasting event at the clubhouse.

  • a beautiful sunny day by the pool.

  • a trip to the "doc in the box" for all three Haymans. Ear infection for the little man, walking pneumonia for me and upper respiratory infection for the hubby. yeah.... go BIG or go HOME!

  • time to finish reading all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy. Love, love, LOVE this series! I want more Katniss Everdeen!

  • finally time to catch up on some movies I've been wanting to see- The Change-Up: B rating, it was okay, LOL at times; Bad Teacher: C+ considering I fell asleep during the middle of it; Crazy, Stupid Love: A-... I really liked this one, loved the fight scene towards the end and love me some Ryan G. Yep, he's made the list.

  • serving a thanksgiving feast for 18 of our closest friends and their kids. Then having another 4 join us for dessert. The evening ended with only one broken wine glass (it's becoming a thanksgiving tradition at this point) and all the boys jumping in the pool!

  • Turkey Trot 5k: I still had too much chest congestion to run, but Uncle Tom stepped in and ran with James in the one mile fun run. Apparently there was some sort of melt down in the middle when James realized he wasn't going to win the race. Yep, we are still working on sportsmanship and not always "winning."

  • putting up Christmas lights (yes, I said Christmas, not holiday!) and decorating the Christmas tree.

  • having enough leftovers of desserts and wine for another gathering with friends and good food.

  • celebrating Tom's birthday and Michigan's big win with Veronica.

  • our yearly family photo shoot.

  • another sunny day by the pool, tan lines included.

  • too short.

Almost ready for Christmas....

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