Monday, July 11, 2011

All Aboard for the Birthday Boy!!!


On Saturday, we celebrated James' 4th birthday. These pictures were taken by James' godfather, "Uncle Tom." It was such a bright, sunny, beautiful day and his pictures really captured all of the cutie pies at the party.
I really can't believe he is four years old already. Some days feel like four years in itself, other days feel like four minutes.... oh well, such is life, I guess.
As for James' party, we followed our normal summer-birthday tradition and had a pool party. Six families (10 children total) were invited and all six families (10 children) came! It was a great turnout and James had a wonderful time playing and swimming with his friends.
He loved seeing present after present come through the front door and he "tried" to act embarrassed while we were singing Happy Birthday, but I could tell he secretly loved the spotlight!
Dear James,
Another year of your precious little life has passed and with it, you have grown by inches and leaps and bounds. Everyone tells me how tall you are for your age and with your verbal expression (chatty), most people think you are older than you really are. But, you are quick to correct them.
At just four years old, you love the water. You can swim across the pool, dive into the deep end and pick up objects from the bottom. You are very interested in mommy and daddy's scuba gear and have expressed a great desire to go "scuuuva diving" with us. We can't wait!
Once I explained to you what "summer vacation" was and that school would start back up in the Fall, you replaced your daily "Is today a school day?" question with "Can we go to the big pool?" You would spend every waking minute up at the clubhouse (big pool) and I can't really blame you. It has a massive, very fun, very fast water slide and you always seem to have friends up there.
Of course, making friends is one thing that you do quickly and easily. You don't hesitate to introduce yourself to others and then ask, "Want to go play?" It almost always works, too.
Speaking of play, we are still a "train-loving" household. Some generous neighbors donated a huge Geo Track set for you to play with. This is in addition to your wooden train track set and your Thomas and Friends track. You are constantly rolling your trains through the house, or flying an airplane or a spaceship around. Monster trucks, fire trucks and everything in between are also highly popular with you. You are very active and talk pretty much nonstop (wonder where that comes from?) You love to talk about anything and everything in the world around you. I love your curiosity and your desire to learn about everything, but honestly, sometimes, I just want to finish a sentence of my own to another adult or finish cooking dinner (again, the little things in life!)
You are still obsessed with Abby and Misha (our dogs.) You smother Abby with attention (and stickers and bandaids, etc). Poor dog!
But, you are still and will always be our little sunshine. You love to laugh and act silly. You rarely show your serious side, unless you are deep in "play." You love going to school and "reading" anything you see. I'm constantly having to read signs or words out to you. Every night, we read our bedtime books and you love to "read" the parts that you have memorized. I hope your love of reading continues.
Speaking of hopes,
I hope you always keep your enthusiasm and love of Life. I hope you keep that charming personality and ability to "go with the flow." I hope you learn to slow down sometimes and walk to where you are going (instead of a full-0ut run!) I hope that you feel loved every second of every day (even when I'm putting you in Time Out for misbehaving!) I hope you have a wonderful year full of four-year-old insights and experiences!

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