Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 22 Months Old!!!

My, how time is flying by! James' latest birth-month just snuck up on me!
This past weekend, we were at Ginnie Springs, tubing and camping with friends. Well, by camping, I mean staying at a motel near by the park. I'm NOT ready for a tent and a two year old! We had such a nice, relaxing, fun weekend at the springs.
On Saturday, he turned 22 months old. He amazes me every day by learning/saying a new word. His vocabulary has expanded to two-word expressions now. I love to hear him announce "I'm running" or "I'm jumping". His expressions are just so cute (Oh-No!) and (Nice!). I've ruined him with the free cookies at Publix. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, he yells out "Cookies!!" Sometimes I get full sentences out of him, "I want cookies!" or " I want outside!" After a conference with his teachers, I proudly learned that he is one of the best jumpers in his class. His legs may be short, but they are STRONG!
He is getting better at being gentle with his friends, but he likes to throw toys/objects, which doesn't always end well.
I love how he announces whatever he is drinking. For example, he will hold up his cup and announce "MILK" or "JUICE" whenever it is appropriate. Too cute.
His swim lessons are going wonderfully. As promised, I videotaped last Friday's lesson, but I can't find the USB port to connect the camera to the computer, so it can't be downloaded just yet. I have plans for a trip to Best Buy very soon. However, his instructor says that he is making great progress and really WANTS to be a swimmer. I can see how hard he kicks and really follows her directions. As soon as his ten minutes are up, he lays beside the pool for a good 15 minutes to rest and catch his breath.
We are just so proud of him and the little sunshine that he has become. Oh yes, there are the days/times that he drives me to drinking and pushes my limits! It makes for very hard mornings when we are trying to get out of the house in a timely manner. He is very head strong (gets it from both sides!) and very independent. But, we wouldn't have it any other way.
Overall, he is such a sweet, fun, cool, precious little boy and we love sharing our lives with him.
Happy 22 Month Birthday Little Man!

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