Friday, May 29, 2009

Building Blocks and Bedtime

We have fallen into our evening routine of dinner, play, bath time, a little more play, then books and finally bedtime. Will (daddy) usually gets home sometime after dinner (James eats before Will and I do). This evening, he didn't make it home until after bath time. I was just getting ready to head into James' room for some books before bedtime, but then daddy walked into the door. Once James' sees him, it's goodbye mommy and hello daddy! He immediately grabbed Will's hand and led him over to the play rug. He asked him to "Sit down" so he could bring over his blocks. Then, James noticed that daddy had forgotten to take his shoes off. James never forgets our cardinal rule of no outside shoes inside the house, but daddy often forgets! So, James helped with the shoe removal. See below-

James took Will's shoes and put them into the closet for him. Then took out his slippers and proceeded to put them on daddy's feet. Yes, Will has him trained very well. You could call this child labor, but James takes his "job" very seriously and actually looks forward to "helping daddy with his shoes" every evening.

Once the dirty outside shoes are safely put away and daddy has on his slippers, the tower building can begin.....
James is very good at taking turns (sometimes)............
And he always applauds the efforts of his daddy when building towers. Apparently, he is very proud of his daddy's building skills!

Finally, after two towers have been built and demolished, it's time for bedtime books with mommy. His new fav book is Bedtime Stories with Elmo. Oh Elmo. Elmo, Elmo, Elmo......


  1. Oh my goodness - laughing out loud! That picture of James holding Will's shoes with a stern look on his face is priceless! Thanks for sharing your cute bedtime routine. I may have to implement the no outside shoes rule. . . boys make a floor so dirty!! And yes, we still love Elmo too.

  2. Oops! As you might have guessed, that was me (Courtney) not Jim - didn't realize I was signed in as him. Anyway, loved the posting!