Saturday, April 25, 2009

Water Boy

No, not the slow-minded Adam Sandler version, but my very own "water boy" nonetheless.
It seems that James is OBSESSED with playing in the water lately, more specifically, our pool.
Every afternoon, when we come home from preschool, he runs to back door yelling, "Water, water, water!" This only means one thing, "I want to go swimming!"
Once we are all changed and into our suits, it's outside play by the pool until dinnertime.
He loves hanging out on the steps, jumping into the water from the sides and putting things into the filter. Oh, the fabulous filter! He LOVES watching toys drift (get sucked) into the filter, then he'll pull the lid off and retrieve the object, only to repeat the whole scenario again and again. He likes me to be in the water with him, but he doesn't want me to hold him. He thinks he can just "go" and swim on his own. Not so much....
After researching a couple of different swim schools in our area, I decided to enroll James in swim lessons with Infant Swimming Resource. They have an excellent drowning prevention rate and I really agree with their whole swim philosophy with children.
James will go to swim class every day for 10 minutes. It will be just him and the instructor in the water. By the end of 4-6 weeks of instruction, he will be able to hold his breath underwater, open his eyes underwater, swim in a forward motion and float on his back to catch his breath.
It really is amazing what these little water babies can do! Once you click on their site, there is a very compelling video of a child falling into the pool with full clothes on (as this is the most common scenario when pool accidents occur)
I was taught to swim at a very young age and loved swimming in our pool as a child. With us living in Florida and having a pool only 10 feet from our back door, I see it as a necessity for James.
I am so excited about his lessons and can't wait for him to be a little swimmer!

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  1. As I was reading this, I was thinking that I am not at all surprised that YOUR son LOVES the water!! It is so awesome that you have a pool and I know you are going to have even more fun out there together after his lessons. I'll be interested to hear how it goes. Need to find some for Hugh this summer. . .