Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 21 Months Old!

Yesterday, James turned the ripe old age of 21 months. I really can't believe he's almost two already! Where has this year gone?
Anyway, we celebrated the day by going for an early workout at the gym, meeting with some friends for a playdate, followed by a brief naptime, then outside for some R & R by the pool. Sadly, R & R does not exist when you are 21 months old, so I got to "swim" him around the pool and catch him over and over and over as he jumped off the side. Yes, I am researching swim instructors as I type.
There are just a few updates this month.....
James has been ruined by the Publix bakery. In an effort to appease him during one shopping trip, I took him to get a free cookie from the bakery. Well, now, EVERY time we go into the store, guess what he's demanding? Yep, a cookie. I also made the mistake of putting him into the cool car grocery cart with the steering wheel, once.
Now, even when I only need to run in and grab two items, guess which cart I have to put him in. Nice.
His vocabulary is slowly increasing. He can now say- Milk, Cookie (thanks Publix!), Cracker, Outside, Abby (all dogs are Abby), Truck, Ball, Einstein (or, a version of it, for his fav cartoon), and maybe some others, but I can't remember at this point. Whenever I prompt him to say something, he just points at me and shakes his head Yes, as if to say, "Yes, what you said mommy!" Why does he need to talk when I do all the talking for him? Right?
His favorite expression is still, "oh coooooolll!"
Here are some recent pics that I was able to snap recently-

Are we there yet?

shootin' some hoops with mom!

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