Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Highs and Lows

James came home from preschool on Friday with a low fever and a super runny nose. He was a little puny on Saturday, so we just stayed home all day and I got to wipe his nose about 1,000 times. Luckily, the fever went away late Saturday night and stayed away. By Sunday, he was feeling well enough for an afternoon trip to the park for some outdoor playtime. I love to see him conquering parts of the playground and he loves to watch the other kids play.

Completing a 12 mile run, all by myself. My running partner was at Disney with her man, supporting some other runners in the Disney 1/2 and full marathon. My only running companion was my trusty Ipod. Two songs that made me run faster and sums up my running experience were:
Going the Distance by Cake
Crazy by Gnarles Barkley

Will is taking an online course and basically worked in the computer room all weekend. Oh wait, he did finish late Sunday evening just in time for me to proof-read his research paper. Am I back in college, proofing papers for my boyfriend or what?!?

We have a date night planned for Tuesday and we are both pretty excited about it. Details will follow!

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