Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy 18 Months Old!!!

Our little sunshine is 18 months old today! I haven't been able to get him to sit still long enough for a decent "photo shoot", so here are a couple of "action shots" that I snapped throughout his day.
Here he is enjoying an apple and watching his fav show - Little Einsteins on the Disney Channnel.

James' goal in life is to "have a ball!" Here he is trying to lounge on top of one while I was "trying" to cook dinner. His three priorities in life are as follows,
Sleep. Play. Eat.
I can't argue with that (especially the sleep part!)

I think he is spending too much time playing with the dogs. He was bound and determined to pick up his pencil from the floor with his mouth. He loves to carry around pencils and pens and "write" on little notepads. I tried to get a picture of him laying on the floor and doing some note-taking, but the lighting didn't work out.

Hmmmm. decisions, decisions.....
At 18 months old, James has developed several personality traits. He can be a charmer or a devil. He mainly saves the worst behavior for me, so I guess that's kind of good. Certain tasks (diaper changes, sitting in the high-chair, holding my hand in a parking lot) are becoming more and more of a power struggle.
He frequently gives us hugs which we just adore. We are working on giving kisses with his mouth CLOSED! No wonder the kid is sick all the time!
Blueberries are his favorite fruit now. The only foods he will eat consistently are yogurts and oatmeal. Anything else (pasta, veggies, Morning Star nuggets, cheese, sandwhiches, etc) are hit or miss.
His vocabulary is increasing, but he would much rather point or grunt/scream/cry in order to get his way, rather than "using his words." I guess screaming like a wild banshee is his words! He can say "juice, shoes, truck, ball, up, NO" and he knows what several words mean. (outside, school, milk, cat, dog, etc)
His eating times and sleeping times are still on a schedule and he loves his schedule (a boy after my own heart!) Other than that, PLAY TIME is always on the schedule!

I want to give a shout-out to Dianne at Great Clips on Swann Avenue. I took James in for a much-needed haircut and she was fantastic! While we were waiting, she walked over and started talking to James. He held up his arms and immediately went straight to her (she was blond, smiling and that's about all it took!) She carried him over to her chair, sat down with him in her lap, handed him a little toy truck (bonus points already) and proceeded to cut his hair with him sitting in her lap. Every now and then, she would rotate him around and ask him to look in the mirroir or out the window, so she could reach all around his head. I was blown away at how well he handled himself and how well she handled him! I told her that she was keeper and expect to see us again! So, moms, if your active little one needs a haircut and you're in the Hyde Park area, stop by Great Clips and ask for Dianne!

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