Thursday, January 15, 2009

Allergy Update and Other Stuff

Sorry for this all-in-one blog post, but there just hasn't been the time lately....

Let's see, first the allergy update. The doctor called to review the test results from James' bloodwork. The only things he tested positive for was a mild allergy to peanuts and shellfish, a mild allergy to milk and a significant allergy to Cats and Dogs (his allergy to cats is much higher than to dogs)! The doctor suggested that I remove all dairy from his diet and switch to soy (those soy yogurts are expensive!) and that we might want to consider getting rid of the pets. After hanging up the phone in tears and calling my mom to discuss this latest tragedy (more tears), I knew that I had to tell Will. Getting rid of our cat, Bob, will be super hard to to, but if it means that James' gets better and stops having these symptoms (red, swollen eyes, runny nose, sneezing, etc) then I'm all for it. However, getting rid of "our girls" Misha and Abby, well, that's another story. After much debate and a long phone conversation with our groomer/dog guru /friend of the family, we decided that we just have too much invested (emotions, time, money) in our dogs to let them go. Luckily, our breed of dogs are low allergens and we keep them shaved, which cuts down on shedding. It's been two days of a dairy-free diet and keeping the cat outside and I've already noticed a difference in James. His eyes aren't red and puffy, no more sneezing and no more mystery rash on his torso area.

So, does anyone know where I can find a good home for a great cat?????

He is about 5 years old, neutered, never has had an accident outside of his litterbox, up to date on all shots/vaccines, loves children and dogs and is very affectionate. All around a very cool, well-behaved cat! He even comes with his own LitterMaid Deluxe litterbox (the bomb!) and a traveling carrier case.
On Tuesday, we enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing date night together! I'm lucky enough to belong to one of the best, most supportive new mom groups and I've met several great friends through it. One of moms is Rebecca. We came up with a baby-sitting swap deal where we take turns coming over to each other's house (after the babies are put to bed) and stay while the other gets a sitter-fee-free night out with her hubby! It's great, because all you have to do is show up and sit there, watch TV or get a couple of hours alone with a good book! It's a great system and we try to do it every other week. This week, Will and I splurged on a trip to the spa for massages. I indulged in the hot stone massage. Wow-za's! So wonderful and the heat brought a whole new element to the massage!
Afterwards, we went to Sakana's on Gandy for some sushi. All around a very relaxing evening with good conversation and yummy food. Great date night!


  1. Kalani,
    Right there with you on the dogs. I would have made the same love love Zeus and Athena. Regarding the dairy--remember to check the soy products for casein. For some reason some companies add dairy proteins to soy products. Very frustrating! So glad you are seeing results! Alex was a different boy.

  2. yeah, you nailed it about the dairy. I went browsing thru publix last night to find some non-dairy snacks for James and it was HARD!
    yes, what's up with some Soy products containing dairy?!??? I found soy butter, but the soy cheese all contained a small amount of milk. Is that okay?
    If you have any suggestions for yummy snacks or shopping items, I'm all ears!

  3. I know it sounds a bit anal, but even the slightest amount of milk is a problem. Do you have a Whole Foods or Earth Fare in Tampa? Both sell rice milk "dairy" products. Also, Earth Balance spread is dairy-free. I also bought some Gluten-Free Gourmet chocolate brownie mixes that were dairy-free and delicious. If I hit Earth Fare this weekend I will check out the brand names of some of the snacks we bought Alex. The bad news is that everything I bought had to come from the expensive grocery store...not the Publix across the street from my house.

  4. yeah, I figured!
    Yes, we have a Whole Foods here, about a 20 minute drive north, so I guess I'll stock up on snacks when I go!
    Thanks for sharing!