Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save the Drama fo' yo' Mama!

Well, that seems to be James' motto these days! And yes, I am SOOOO over it!
Not to complain (but here goes!) Every day, I pick James up from preschool and I get great reports, he had a great day, smiling, happy, playful, the whole bit. But, once we leave his school, a whole other child emerges who is NOT happy, playful, smiling, etc.
It's a battle to get him into his carseat (the term, bucking bronco, comes to mind.)
When we get home, he's fussy, cranky and nothing makes him happy. After much reflection, I think he is just exhausted from his busy work day at preschool (even after a long nap).

Once we get rolling to bathtime and then bedtime story/bottle, he is much calmer and ready for his beauty sleep!

Then, morning rolls around and he is on the rant again! Everything is a battle and it is wearing me out! On a typical morning, I'm lucky to make it out the door only 15 minutes behind schedule, then I realize I have snot marks all over my black pants (not from me, mind you) and dirty handprints from some unknown suspect who wandered into the backyard after breakfast on my dress shirt. Do I go back inside to change clothes? Heck no! I've finally coerced him into the carseat!

I know I've blogged/complained about this behavior of his before, but this time, I REALLY, REALLY hope this phase ends soon!

On one of our easier mornings, I snapped a few pics of James brushing his teeth. At least THAT routine is getting somewhat easier!

Notice how long his hair is getting? I don't even have time to get MY hair cut lately, much less his! Actually, I've been stalling because I think his grown-out hair looks really cute! It's doing this little curl-up thing in the back and I think it's adorable. Will keeps calling him a hippie!

Gotta really brush those pearly whites and check out yourself in the mirror! Apparently, my brushing skills beforehand weren't up to par.

All clean!


  1. mother like daughter? I distinctly remember both Tyler and Elliott's hair looking just like this! I guess history does repeat itself!

  2. Don't sweat the hair. Its cute. My youngest has a frat fro and I hate cutting it.

    I distinctly remember this phase, and it does pass. My boys were angels at Kathwood but tortured me in the mornings and afternoons. I pushed forward bedtime, and things got a lot better. My boys go to bed between 7 and 7:30. I have always gotten a lot of flack for that, but they are much happier to be around during their awake time!

  3. Yes,
    I agree with you Stacy about the earlier bedtime. After reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child when James was an infant (recommended by my friend Courtney and I recommend it to ALL new moms!) I am a sleep advocate! James' bedtime used to be 7:00, but now in preschool, he doesn't nap as long as he used to, so I've pushed it forward to 6-6:30. Yes, it's early, but he sleeps 12 hours and NEEDS it!

  4. I think his hair looks sooo cute! Still haven't cut Benjamin's....:)