Monday, December 29, 2008

Never just a Normal Day.....

Okay, so I wake up this morning to find James looking like this-

Actually, his eye looks much better in the picture (taken during breakfast) than it did when he woke up. His left eye was swollen and red. Not the eyeball, just the skin around it. Weird, I know. There was nothing new introduced to his bedding or food-wise, and I had no idea what could have caused this reaction. So I carted him off to the doctor's office once again! (Can we say death by co-pay?)

His pediatrician said that it was nothing bacterial or viral (good news) but that he is just allergic to something. No clue what it is though!

So, moms out there in bloggy-land, here is my question. Should I take him to get his blood drawn for allergy testing? When I took him to the doctor's office last week (see last post) another pediatrician suggested that I take him to have his bloodwork done. I was voicing my concerns about his constant runny nose and sneezing all the time. My hubby, Will, does suffer from allergies, but am I over-reacting? Is this just the cold virus that is affecting EVERY child out there or could allergies be playing a part? I'm just DREADING taking him to get his blood drawn. I know it will be a huge ordeal and I'm not looking forward to it (neither would he if he knew what was coming!)

So, has anyone else out there taken their child for this allergy test? Is it a simple finger prick or actual vials of blood drawn? Should I just quit my part time job and keep him at home instead of going to preschool? (this is Will's option, since he is the one getting sick from James' germs.) That being said, it sounds like this whole thing is caused from the cold virus and an allergy test won't help either way.

I need input people, please!

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  1. Kalani,
    Oh, girl, have Michael and I been through this! I will email you later today. Lots of input.