Friday, September 19, 2008

Remember When....

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted (bad blogger!) This post was inspired by my friend Courtney's recent blog post about her son, Hugh and how quickly he is growing up. It seems to be a trend! Remember when playdates were more for mommies, rather than the babies? Now, it has to be the perfect location for all of your energy and explorations!
Remember when mommy's milk was all that you needed (or wanted) to make you strong and healthy? Now, you are fully enjoying eating your big-boy food and trying to feed yourself with spoons and forks.
Remember when we would spend hours and hours trying to get you to fall asleep for the night? Now, you fall asleep so easily, I almost miss the long walks and swaying.
Remember the first night you actually slept the entire night?!!?? I was so proud (and well-rested, that I blogged about it!)
Remember when I thought you would never start crawling? Now, you are ready to run!
Remember when I thought you would never clap your hands or point to something? Now, you clap at everything you do and point to anything that interests you.
Remember when you had NO teeth and we thought you had a perfect smile? Now, you have perfected your smile and it just couldn't get any cuter!
Remember when it was just mommy and daddy and we thought our world was complete? Now, we know what we were missing and we couldn't imagine our lives without our little sunshine.
We love you, baby James!


  1. Kalani! How sweet! I teared up reading that! These little guys are just growing up way too fast! Susan :)

  2. That was perfect - what a good post! Thanks for sharing!!