Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In, Out, In, Out.....

One of James' new favorite things to do is play outside! Since we've installed the safety fence around the pool, it blocks access to the screen door which leads to the back yard. Well, James just took notes from the girls (Misha and Abby) and Bob and started using the doggy-door!
I was absolutely shocked (and a little impressed) the first time he used it!

Bob: Hey kid, do you mind if I use the door for a change?

The many faces of James!

Notice the red cheeks and sweaty head. As long as he has a cold sippy cup full of water, he will stay outside all day. Well, an hour has been the longest so far. But, he LOVES walking around in the yard, picking up sticks and leaves and watching the airplanes fly overhead.

Of course, his trucks are never far behind. I'm so amazed every time I hear him making "brrrrrrr" noises when he's pushing his cars and trucks. How is it that all little boys innately know that cars and trucks make that noise? It actually sounds more like a motor boat, but, whatever.

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  1. This completely cracked me up! What a classic boy - I love it. Hugh shares his love of trucks, the rosy cheeks and the sweaty head. If we had a doggie door, I'm sure he would use that too. You've got a charming little guy on your hands!!