Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Join the BPA-Free Bandwagon

Following the footsteps of another great mommy (my friend Courtney) I decided to see if my local Babies R Us was exchanging bottles for same-brand BPA-free bottles. And, after a quick phone call, yes they are! Bottle for bottle, they exchange your used bottles for brand new, same brand of BPA-free bottles. Now, I know that James is almost out of the bottle stage, but it didn't cost me anything except a drive to the store, so why not? And, since he only takes a couple of bottles a day anyway, I kept some of the new bottles in the packaging for later. (no, don't get any ideas!)

For those of you out there with little babies who still use lots of bottles, it may be worth checking into. The clerk at Babies R Us listed several brands (including Dr. Browns) that are doing even exchanges for BPA-free bottles. I also found some "good reading" for those of us in the sippy cup and plastic bowl phase of feeding.

Okay, now to the James' portion of the blog.......
Will came home yesterday with a "new to me" toy for James. Although, by the looks of it, it will be a couple of years before James can actually use it. But, for now, both boys are having fun "pretending" to ride the tricycle.

Look at me, Ma! I'm a big kid!

Now, if I could just reach those pedals down there!

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