Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from SC/TN

We flew up to Greenville for a week of visiting with family and friends. Traveling/flying with an active one-year old is lots of work, but it's always worth it for the memories!

James and I had a playdate with my friend, Whitney, whom I've known since middle school. We used to get into all kinds of trouble back in G'ville, but we were sweet, young things back then and always seemed to find a way out of trouble. There is no way I would attempt HALF of the stuff we did back then! Lesson learned: when you are pulled over twice in one night for drag racing down a major highway, it's time to go home!

But, I digress......

We had a great visit with Whitney and her daughter, Lily. Lily was sweet enough to take out ALL of her toys and let James have his pick! I think they enjoyed the playdate and Whitney and I enjoyed the surrealness of us being mommies now!

Here is James with his aunt Laura. My brother and his wife (Danny and Laura) came up to Gatlinburg with us for the weekend to spend some time together. It was hectic with all of the kids (they have three) and nap schedules, but we made the most of it. It was just nice to be around family and spend time hanging out.

All of the children got together for a quick picture during James' second first birthday party. Got all that? Notice my fancy duct-taped baby-proofing job on the stone hearth? Works every time!

We grilled out and mom made a birthday cake for James. It was past his bedtime, so he wasn't into eating or smashing any of the cake. No allergic reactions this time!

Here he is eating his very first rib from Bennet's Barbecue. They are a staple restaurant in Gatlinburg and make the absolute best ribs! By that grin, I think James is a fan, too!
And, it wouldn't be a trip to the mountains without the bear encounter! One afternoon, we heard lots of noise from the deck and looked out to see our neighbor, Mr. Bear. He was digging into the trash can I had set outside so that James wouldn't get into it. I think the bear made a bigger mess!

Here he is looking into the kitchen window. It was only a screen and he was smelling all the good stuff from the kitchen. Mom threw out enough food to satisfy him though, for that afternoon!

Clink on this link to see all of the pictures of our little visitor!

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