Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Haircut

Last night, we took James to Short Cuts for his very first haircut. Not that he has that much hair, but it seemed like a right of passage! Besides, his hair was getting pretty long in the back and we didn't want him thinking that shaggy hair was acceptable in this family! (joke)
Here he is in the "chair". As cool as the Jeep was, it didn't distract him from the fact that a strange woman with sharp objects was approaching...

Overall, he tolerated the haircut pretty well.
This woman is a true professional and somehow predicted every move the "octopus" would make as she was cutting.

The panic is starting to set in.....
Okay, he's had enough! This boy does NOT like to be restrained in any fashion. But, she was able to get a perfectly straight line at the back of his neck with the clippers. Yes, she can work magic!
After what seemed like the longest 5 minutes of my life, it was over. He finally managed to stand up in the seat and squirm his way into my arms. The haircut looks great and I guess I'm getting used to it. Check off another milestone and another "apron string" has been cut.

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