Friday, May 9, 2008

Ten Months Today!!!

Today, James turned ten months old. I snapped these pictures very quickly before we went out for the afternoon. It's a good thing I got them when I did, because the rest of day has been crazy! As you can see by his huge mouth-open grin, he still has only two bottom teeth, but the others are trying to make their way out.
Poor baby is teething on everything! He can still eat like a champ, though! He hasn't been into drinking his formula lately. I'm lucky if I get 12 -15 ounces in him a day. But he does sip water or juice from a straw.
And, he is quite the mover and a shaker! All he wants to do is get down and move around! As you can see, he doesn't have much use for being held. He just wants to get down and crawl around. He is very brave when standing and is working on the no-handed balancing act. Yep, I'm afraid that we will have a walker in just a few short months!

Here is James with his Grandma Dianne (down for a visit). He is keeping her busy around the house and still won't slow down enough to let her hold him for very long. All Grandma wants to do is hug and cuddle, but that's not what Mr. Busy-body has in mind!

All that shakin' and a movin' wears him out (and me!) Good thing he is still a good sleeper. Still 12 hours through the night with two naps during the day. However, since dear Grandma has been in town, his sleeping schedule has been off and he is much more demanding from the crib because he knows that dear Grandma will come to his rescue from the bad, no-good bedtime! Errrr!

No matter how much work it will cost me after she leaves to correct the bad sleeping habits, we still love Grandma.

Repeat after me: we still love Grandma, we still love Grandma, we still love Grandma......

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  1. mymy what a wonderful reading and catching up. I need to visit that beach for a short swim and some fishing. I enjoyed the reading and boy is he ever getting around
    Love You Dad