Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Proud to be an American

On Tuesday morning, James and I went to the Convention Center to watch my good friend Keri as she was sworn in to becoming an America citizen. Now, she holds dual-citizenship, American and Canadian. Keri is another teacher and we met almost 10 years ago during the summer at those professional development courses that all teachers dread going to during our time off. But, meeting such a great new friend made that class all worth it!
A couple of weeks ago, Keri had a party to celebrate her citizenship. She planned some great party games, including: Are you Smarter than a Canadian? All of the questions were about US history and our government (which she had to study up on to pass the admittance exam.) Sadly, I am NOT smarter than a Canadian when it comes to US history and our government. But, I digress.... James was a big fan of Keri's flag.
James: See Ms. Keri, this is how to properly wave the flag as an American.

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