Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: Red, White and the Blues.....

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! I hope your plans for food, fun and family/friends turned out better than ours. Let me explain....

For two months now, I've had our Memorial weekend planned. We were going to Club Med in Port. St. Lucie with our friends Jenny and Eric and their girls, Sierra and Tori. We LOVE vacationing with them and were really looking forward to relaxing at the resort, playing with our babies and catching up with our friends. Well, James had other plans. On Friday, he came down with a pretty high fever, his first fever ever, so I was pretty freaked out. At the doctor's office, it was 102.5, even after taking Tylenol. The doctor wasn't too worried, since his ears were fine, chest sounded good, his bloodwork came back normal and he looked good- still smiling, eating, playing, pooping, sleeping,etc. But, since he did have this fever, she cautioned us against traveling with him and putting him around other children. We agreed, and I had to make the difficult call of canceling our much anticipated vacation. This definitely let to my blues for the weekend. Bummer!

Of course, by Saturday, James was feeling a little better. Probably not well enough to be around other babies and enjoy an all-inclusive resort with mommy and daddy, but just fine for around the house. And, by Sunday, he was back to 100%!

So, we loaded up the car and headed to the beach! Instead of driving to St. Pete Beach or Clearwater, we drove, oh, about 5 minutes to the family beach on base. It's a shame we don't go there more often. But, seeing how well James took to the sand and water, I think we need to go there lots and lots!

I put James down in our bedroom while we were loading up the car. I came back inside the house to find him deliriously happy with his new white "toy."

The fun just never stops!
Here's James with his daddy playing in the sand. I don't know who enjoyed the sandbucket and toys more, James or Will. I was too busy snapping away with the camera and making sure that James was properly slathered in sunscreen, that I didn't bother to put any on myself. Hence, the red of the weekend!

We didn't get much lounging time by the water, because James was constantly on the move! I took several more photos of James playing in the sand, walking chest-deep in the water, and crawling all around in the shallows.


  1. Looks like it still turned out to be a great weekend! I hope James is feeling totally better now.

  2. Yes, it did and thanks. James is feeling just fine now, with the addition of two new top teeth (incisors) peering through. Although the pediatrition swore that his fever had NOTHING to do with teething. Hmmmmm.....