Sunday, March 14, 2010

Working for the Weekend

That's pretty much how things have been lately. We get up early, everyone heads off to school/work/preschool, come home in the evening, walk the dogs, rush through dinner and bathtime, clean up from dinner, wind down for bedtime, finally get to go to bedtime, then wake up and do it all over again five times in a row. Sounds fascinating, huh?
Not so much, which is why we LOVE our WEEKENDS!
It gives us time to take leisurely walks to the park and around the neighborhood.....
Sometimes all that walking/running makes us very thirsty! I swear that James would run for two miles if I let him. He has so much energy and LOVES to run! I think that Mommy and Me 5k's are in our future!

At the end of a long walk, nothing is better than naptime! Well, for mommy anyway! James is all smiles for the camera now, but when I put down the camera and he realized that it "really" was naptime, the tears and drama came out! Life is so unfair as a two year old!

After a very nice three hour nap (mommy and daddy are blessed!), James woke up asking to "play trains". It is still his favorite pastime activity (besides running and jumping off furniture.)
While playing, we have to sing the songs from Chuggington and Dinosaur Trains. Sometimes the opening song from Little Einsteins will sneak in there, but who cares????

Still hamming it up for the camera! I don't know who taught him to say "cheese" for the camera, but I can't pull one out without him stopping what he's doing, flashing a grin and saying "CHEEEEEESE!" Then, of course, he demands to see his picture from the digital camera. Kids growing up today have SO many conveniences. Speaking of conveniences, James has gotten used to seeing whichever cartoon episode he feels like, whenever he feels like it thanks to our Tivo. During TV time, he demands to see whatever cartoon catches his fancy at that moment in time and will sometimes even request which episode he wants based on the title. Please don't comment on my willingness to cater to his every whim. I'm working on it...
We now have 6-to-1 shows saved for James verses Us. What's up with that?

One of James' favorite things to do when I'm making dinner is to "play drums." Yes, to a two year old, upside-down bowls and wooden spoons are drums. And yes, you'd be AMAZED how much noise they create! But, as long as he continues to hit the bowls and not the dogs with the wooden spoons, I consider it a success. Yes, it's the little things...

I hope everyone is enjoying your weekend and making as much noise as you can! Find your inner drum beat and bang away!


  1. I LOVE James' train room!! What is that? A decal? Did you paint it? Very cool!

  2. It's a wall decal that I special ordered online. THere are tons of companies and tons of designs. It just peels on and off. Very easy!