Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Belated 16 Month Old Birthday!!!!

Okay, so I'm being the really bad mommy here and on Sunday, I just plain forgot that it was James' 16 month birthday! In my defense, the entire Hayman household was sick with the cold/flu/bubonic plague. Not to point fingers, but it all started when James got sick on Monday evening. He had a slight fever and was really congested. So, I stayed home with the fussy, clingy, sick, snotty baby for three days and nursed him back to good health. No more fever and his cold was getting better. Then, on Thursday, Will comes home early from work feeling feverish, sore throat, congested, the whole nine yards. Sure enough, by then, I was feeling a bit under the weather myself. All weekend, we took turns dosing with Nyquil and taking care of James. By Monday, I was feeling back to normal again, but even today, Will is still feeling pretty lousy. So, long story short, we were sick and I forgot.

Meet Joe Cool.

Tonight, he found a pair of my sunglasses and insisted on wearing them around the house after dinner. He was absolutely ecstatic with his new found dark/light vision. Yes, his life is full of wonderment and amazement!

And yes, his future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades....

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