Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hawaiian Update


Sorry it's taken me so long to post the pictures, but we've had a very busy week since we've been back from Hawaii! Will's mom flew in from Ohio to spend some much needed "grandma" time with James. So, we've been busy having fun with her, but I've finally organized all the pictures from our Hawaiian vacation and created a slideshow (complete with music, so turn up the sound!) for your viewing pleasure!

I can't truly call it our "Hawaiian vacation" since Will had to work the entire time, but we made the most of it. During the day, dear aunty Tessie picked up James and I and drove us all around the island. Dad was our personal tour guide, showing us all the scenic areas that he remembered as a child. Funny, when he was growing up, the lookout spots and beaches weren't popular tourist attractions who charged admission! But, I digress....

Our evenings were spent meeting cousins and aunties and uncles and eating and eating and eating! James and I even stayed a few days after Will left to spend more time with our Hawaiian ohana (family) and share even more special memories. All of the cousins and aunties were welcoming, warm and very memorable. It was so nice to finally put a face to the names I've heard about for so long.

Some of the highlights from the trip:

  • Taking James in the water at Waikiki beach and watching him cry because he didn't like the cold water!

  • Riding in uncle Lionel's beautiful '57 Chevy! Poor Will was so jealous that he missed out on that classic ride, but he's thankful that James was able to experience/appreciate it!

  • Enjoying a 7-course Chinese dinner with uncle Jackie, aunty Gwen and family..... complete with lion dance entertainment!

  • Being chauferred around by aunty Tessie and watching her sing/dance on Friday night. That woman has more talent and charm than anyone on American Idol!

  • Staying with aunty Patsy and uncle Lionel. I'm so ready to go back to their beautiful home and the beautiful view over the water from their backyard.

  • Enjoying a sunday morning service at St. John's s by the Sea church.

  • Last but not least, sharing this wonderful trip with my dad. It was so special to meet the family and experience the island of Oahu with him! It was the trip of a lifetime and one that I've waited several years to take. Thanks, dad, for making it so special!


  1. How beautiful! Glad you had a good trip!

  2. Well you both look a like and you were my pretty baby.