Monday, January 14, 2008

Shark Attack!!!

On Monday evening, James and I got the opportunity to see his "aunt Veronica/Godmother" go deep sea diving with some sharks at our local aquarium. She "won" this unique diving experience and asked us to witness her adventure. Here we are, waiting for her to suit up and get briefed on what to do/what NOT to do.

Here are James and I with his other godmother, Aunt Wana. She came along to witness the shark feeding, uh, shark diving experience with us! Luckily, she doesn't have the same insane desire to swim with the sharks as Aunt Veronica! Although, I do have to worry about her tattoo and sky-diving adventures! Geez!
Here's Veronica in the tank, waiting for the sharks to swim by. She was as calm and cool as a cucumber, definitely "in her element."
Here fishy-fishy!
This one got so close, she could have touched him. Unfortunately, the divers aren't allowed to reach out for the sharks, but she was secretly hoping he would brush a fin by her! What a neat experience! I hope James doesn't grow up thinking this is normal underwater behavior! Either way, he loves his trips to the aquarium!
And, his Aunt Veronica loved her shark diving adventure! I know it wasn't her first and she hopes it won't be her last, but I'm sure it was the most relaxed encounter she's had! Go figure!

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