Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Highs and Lows

High: Attending my FINAL Saturday graduate class at the University of Tampa! During class, we "peer reviewed" each other's research papers and then I presented my paper to the professor. She gave it the "okay" and I was done! Whew! Now, only two more presentations this week and I am officially done with my Master's education courses! Woo Hoo!
Low: Realizing that my time with these wonderful women is coming to a close. We have been together in the same cohort since August of 2009. We have shared educational research, lesson plans, brain dances, video memoires, countless Dunkin Donut munchkins, creative ideas, laughs, jokes, stresses, bad attitudes, empathetic hugs, family secrets, breakups, tears and more Facebook conversations than you can shake a stick at! Yep, I'm going to miss these ladies!
High: On Saturday, the hubs and I attended my school's holiday party at a restaurant in Channelside. It was located right beside a popular bar that we used to frequently go to when we were dating. We decided to "live it up" for one night and go join the lively libations of yesteryear.
Low: Being at the above-mentioned location and realizing that sometimes, "you can never go back." It just wasn't the same. We sipped our one beer and headed home before 11:30. Yep, we are "that couple" now. That's okay, wouldn't change it.

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