Thursday, October 28, 2010

Better Late than Never

Well, when it comes to my blogging lately....
Everything else is rolling along like clockwork. Grad school assignments, lesson planning, meetings, conferences, doggie groomer appointments, etc....
However, we carved our pumpkin almost two weeks ago, it is already rotting away on our front porch from the hot, humid, Florida weather and I STILL haven't posted the much anticipated (humor me, will ya?) pictures.
So, without further ado.... Here you go!

Mom and Son, busily working on their pumpkins!
Don't worry, I had the knife, he had the marker.

One more quick pose with our finished products!

And here are our pumpkins proudly displayed on the front porch. Can you tell which one is the actual carved-by-me pumpkin and which one is a store-bought plastic, pre-lit pumpkin?
Well, now you can. It's the one with rotten insides, caving in from the October humidity. Oh well, gotta love Florida!
Tomorrow, James' preschool is having a costume parade around the playground! Luckily, his school is located directly behind my school so I can walk over! Yes, pictures of my "Bat Man" will follow shortly!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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