Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Reflections....

Since today was the first day of school, I guess I have to admit that my summer is officially O-V-E-R. See, I can't even say it! I guess it's because I feel I didn't have much of a summer. For the Hayman Household, Summer was....

* Too short (I think you got that hint already!)
*Five weeks of grad-school HE!! (I was SO stressed out and uptight, just glad hubs didn't divorce me!)
*Spending some quality time with Peggy, aka Nana (Will's mom)
*Family trips to the clubhouse pool
*Lazy weekends around the house in our PJ's
*Grilling poolside and watching James jump in the pool over and over again during dinner
*Spending quality time with Grandpa (my dad)
*Planning and savoring our ONE crappy dive trip of the season (after last summer's dive season, this one was just a let down. We just didn't have/make the time for diving and we both missed it dearly, but there's always next year!)
*Homemade Sushi Night (with the Sushezi, it's perfect sushi made easy!)
*Too short (oh wait, I think I mentioned that one already!)
But you get the jist!
Here are some quick pics to recap!
James totally inherited my sweet tooth! "Will run for cupcakes!"

(Are these the cheesiest, most innocent-looking smiles or what!?!)

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