Tuesday, June 8, 2010


May was...
  • a wonderful visit to Key Largo with good friends and my wonderful hubby!
  • My first dive trip of the season in ideal diving conditions on two deep wrecks off the coast of Key Largo
  • an extra long visit from my mom and my uncle Joe
  • extra doses of grandma's kisses and hugs for James!
  • a heartbroken mommy when we had to take grandma to the airport and James started bawling his eyes out because he wasn't getting on the airplane with grandma
  • our 5th year wedding anniversary
  • fun weekend visits with good friends
  • lots of trips to the clubhouse pool and slides down the "big" slide
  • putting daddy on a flight to Ohio to stay with grandma while she recovered from surgery to remove her lung cancer
  • putting James in a new preschool that's conveniently located to mommy's school and the University of Tampa (mommy's grad school for the summer)
  • being so proud of James for acclimating so easily into his new school and fitting right in after the first day like he's been there for years
  • still missing daddy because his week-long trip got extended another week
  • the end of the school year (with all it's craziness, report cards, portfolios, etc)
  • gone too quickly.....

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