Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smiles for Santa

Last Sunday, during a whirl-wind trip to the mall to visit an "old" college friend of mine, we happened to walk by the Santa Station and low-and-behold, there was NO line. After asking if they were already closed or if Santa was taking a break, I was assured that Santa was ready and available for a picture. 

I was a little hesitant to go forward with the Santa photo considering the pure horror from last year, but I am a brave, brave woman-  and a bit of a gambler! But, it seems that the stars were aligning for a bit of pure cuteness and holiday magic!

No, his jeans weren't too short for him, but I didn't have the time to adjust them before the photographer snapped the picture. Luckily, James was all smiles after an initial but brief moment of panic. I assured him that the man was very nice and might bring him toys, if he was a good boy. That's all it took for this little one to turn on the charm!

James even indulged Santa in some light conversation....

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?

James: I want TRAINS!

Santa: Okay then! (push over Santa! Good thing his Kidcraft Limited Edition Train table has already been delivered!)  Since you've been such a good boy today, why don't you take this!  (Santa proceeds to hand James a cute little coloring book.)

James: (After inspecting the coloring book and observing that it is NOT a train, hands it back to Santa and says....)   No, I don't want this. I want TRAINS!

Yeah,  just like his mama, the kid knows what he wants! 

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  1. Merry Christmas to you Kalani and your wonderful family! Gosh, I am too young for you to be a mom, lol!

    Great news about Beatta, too!

    Bradley, Tracy, and Rodney